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Attachments activity-Pan Zhi Hua city ( 2 )

From:Admin   Time:2019-11-30

Pan Zhi Hua, Friday November 29th, 2019


The weather is fine, and today's customer is Xingding Vanadium Titanium mineral processing plant. Vanadium-titanium is a very valuable mineral with a value of about 1,000 yuan per ton(  about  143 USD per ton ). During normal transportation and processing operations, a lot of minerals are scattered on the plant area and surrounding roads. This not only causes a lot of waste, but also has environmental pollution problems. Chenggong sweeper can efficiently realize the recovery of mineral materials, which is a very good solution to this problem.




Xingding company is very interested in Chenggong W2600 sweeper. In addition, CG930K wet axle has also attracted the attention of customers. In the past, dry axle would mean high costs for repair and maintenance in such high ore and slag environments. Chenggong wet axle makes the brake pads in the axle oil to avoid abnormal wear.



CG930K multifunctional attachment platform is very flexible, installing attachments, and switching attachments are fast. Only 10 minutes!



Mr. Liu of Xingding Company experiences three different working conditions: workshop, factory road and park road. After watching the cleaning effect, Mr. Liu highly appreciates Chenggong products.


After watching the actual operation, Mr. Liu checks equipment carefully again.



In the afternoon, the roadshow team come to this 30km-long riverside road. This road is also a main road for mineral transportation and has been connected to Ertan Hydropower Station.



Road maintenance staffs, invited by Chenggong road show team,  are very satisfied with the performance of the equipment after they watching sweeper operation. 

So far, the two-day attachment roadshow activity at Pan Zhi Hua City ends. Next will be in Ge Jiu city, Yunnan province on December 2 of 2019.





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