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Excavator device on Chenggong wheel loader has good mobility. The quick-hitch design expands wheel loader platform function.The uniqueboom swing and digging design enables this device for side-way action and its digging ability beyond the ordinary excavators.With such attached device,3-ton wheel loader instantly turns into a 6-ton excavator.

Major specification
  • Backhoe bucket standard size:0.23m³
  • Backhoe bucket dig force:48kN
  • Backhoe bucket digging height:5600mm
  • Backhoe bucket dump height:3900mm
  • Backhoe bucket digging depth:3800mm
  • Side-way shift length:1100mm
  • Suitable for wheel loader:3 ton wheel loader
  • Steering angle:180°

Left and right side shift design for easy excavation


Integrated quick-hitch for quick switching between digging and shovel loading


Pilot + switch electronic control mode, easy for driver


Similar to the operation capacity of a 6-ton excavator, suitable for most small-scale excavation construction projects