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Jobs at Chenggong
Title Time Salary Qty Add Published Deadline
Assistant of technical director Full Above CNY 15000 / per month 1 SICHUAN 2018-12-24 2019-02-28

Job Responsibilities:

Assisting the technical director to coordinate and guide the design engineers to complete the technical development of the multi-functional attachments. Participating in the technical upgrade of wheel loaders and the development of new products.

Coordinating and guiding the implementation of the specific design, trial production, testing and other aspects of the project, and act as the project leader if necessary.

Investigating the development direction of new technologies in the industry and propose preliminary feasibility reports for new product development projects that meet market needs.

Participating in the planning and implementation of technical training for employees of the company.
Job requirements:

Professional requirements: Mechanical majors.

Academic requirements: master's degree or above.

Experience of electromechanical and hydraulic integration.

Professional project development and design qualifications.

Skilled in using Iventor-CAD software.

Age 28 - 45 years old.

Long-term residence: Chengdu.

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Service technitian Full CNY 5500-6000 / per month 3 SICHUAN 2018-12-21 2018-12-31

Job Responsibilities:   

Responsible for daily maintenance and repair of the wheel loaders.
esponsible for customer relationship maintenance.

Job requirements:

5 years of experience in wheel loader repair or assembly.
amiliar with product structure, assembly process and Chinese engineering machinery engine.
1 or above C1 driver's license.
ccepting long-term business trips.


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Sale manager Full Above 6000 CNY / per month 3 SICHUAN 2018-11-20 2018-12-25

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for mainland China market product and after-sales service.
Responsible for mainland China market business negotiations, order completion, machine delivery
Responsible for the operation training of the final customer's driver
Responsible for collecting market intelligence
Responsible for customer relationship maintenance


Job requirements:   


Less than the age of 40 ( special outstanding applicant for no more than 45 years old ).

More than 3 years of construction machinery sales experience ( wheel loader sales priority )

Hard work, emotional stablility, adapting to long-term business trips.

Good communication and coordination skills, organizarional planning ability.


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