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The enclosed sweeper is an epoch-making heavy-duty sweeping device. It is completed with a three dimensional floating and hydraulic angling mechanism.Its motor directly drives the cleaning roller and the surrounding is sealed with wear-resistant rubber andequipped with a spray dust suppression device, which improves dust-proof. The large collecting bucket capacity greatly improves the working efficiency.It is the ideal cleaning tools mainly suitable for pavement,freight yard, material yard, engineering site,dock, mining area, farm, pasture and other places.

Major specification
  • Effective sweeping width:2580~2600mm
  • Size:1m³
  • L x W x H(mm):2964/3340/1500
  • Max pressure:20MPa
  • Left and Right swing angle:±20°
  • Suitable for wheel loader:3 ton wheel loader

Unique support design for smooth operation

Positioning lever helping the driver clearly grasp the working posture of the device

Upturned-dump bucket volume increased by 30%