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Chairman and General manager : ZHU WEN BIAO
Business philosophy

Market demand is the solid foundation for the growth of a company. It is the mission of the company to solve their customer's everyday problems with technology. The company also has the responsibility to use technology to provide customers with attractive products and services, thus contributing to the prosperity of the whole society.


Investors, employees, suppliers, distributors, banks, and all other stakeholders profoundly affect the formation of company identity and the development of the company. The ubiquity and firm adherence to an honour system within the company ought to enable an ideal atmosphere of harmony, mutual respect and mutual benefit.


Companies are economic members of society. They should respect the social rules, and strive to be outstanding members of society. They must adhere to legal, moral, and other socially responsible beliefs of GOODNESS whilst maintaining productivity.


Capital is only a resource. The capital holder’s motivation determines the ultimate fate of the capital. To be involved in productive activities that maximizes the social interest is the mission of the capital.


The survival of a company depends on the status of its industry. Competition often gives the illusion of being not in complete order, but we find reward in success that result from the above philosophy.