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CG950K in Wujiashan tunnel projects , Guangyuan city

From:Admin   Time:2018-12-04

On December 4, 2018, Chenggong CG950K with a new side-dump bucket was delivered to a customer from Guangyuan city, Sichuan province. With the completion of the restructuring of the company, this wheel loader model was successfully launched and applauded by the customer for its superior performance.


The construction environment was a one-way two-lane tunnel. The space inside the tunnel was narrow. Due to the short construction period, it required high working intensity like 24 hours of continuous operation. The tunnel rock was sericite shale. After blasting and crushing, the rock fragments were broken and the air dust rate in the tunnel was extremely high. Such condition posed a serious challenge to the cabin tightness and the engine air filter system. Choosing a high-efficiency, dust-resistant, and highly reliable side-dump wheel loader was the most cost-effective solution for the contractor. Chenggong 950K was equipped with a new side-dump bucket. With its carefully-designed parameters, it ensured operational flexibility and greatly reduced the driver's work load. High efficiency, high quality and reliability, fully met the needs of the contractor.


Based on customer's working conditions, Chenggong made a special side dumper bucket with fast cutting speed and high the full bucket rate.


The single-handle pilot hydraulic control with operating force between 0.3-0.5kgf, provided easy control feeling for driver ,even if working for a long time.


Multi-stage filtration of engine air blocked dust outside the engine. The compact, streamlined wheel loader frame layout perfectly adapted the narrow tunnel.


In addition, in order to solve the problem of large noise in tunnel construction, Chenggong specially considered the noise control of the cab in the design process, and adopted the shock absorption and noise reduction measures to provide the driver with effective protection while giving the operator a relatively quiet driving environment. 


Chenggong, always customer as priority ! 

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