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Triple parties project among CHENGGONG, Oracle and CQYZJ

From:Admin   Time:2019-05-20

Triple parties project among China Chenggong Heavy Industry co.,ltd(CHENGGONG), Oracle and ChongQing YunZhiJia co.,ltd (CQYZJ).


On May 16, the ERP meeting was held in Chenggong conference room. Ye Tian Lu, President of Oracle China, the software provider, Ding Hou Ping, chairman of CQYZJ, the project implementation party, Mr.Zhu Wen Biao, chairman of CHENGGONG, and this project manager, system engineer and all other departments’ managers attended the meeting. This triple side cooperation aimed to provide Chenggong with database and cloud service by Oracle's world-leading technologies, which was an important process to accelerate Chenggong's Systematization and digitization.


CHENGGONG ERP Management System Team


Target of this ERP system “ covering production planning, inventory, procurement, sales, finance and supplier management for Chenggong, managed the process data and technical data related to this project. Achieving unity of logistics, information flow and capital flow." The first phase of the project would be completed in 5 months.


Mr.Cao Feng, Executive Director of CQYZJ Project, introduced this ERP system framework


On behalf of the implementation party, Mr. Ding Hou ping, Chairman of CQYZJ, said and quote the following “ ERP system is a big project, and all staff need to participate in this project. During the recent contacts, we fully understand that Chenggong realizes the importance of this ERP system . Such concept is one of the most important starting points for this project. With more than 100,000 users worldwide, Oracle offers a great number of management experience and technology to users. I believe that Oracle will provide the most advanced, and most suitable solution. CQYZJ promises that it will put the best resources into CHENGGONG ERP project. CHENGGONG, Oracle and CQYZJ, the three teams will work together to achieve success.”


Mr.Ding Hou Ping, chairman of CQYZJ, puts the best resources into Chenggong ERP


Mr.Chen Wu, manager of Chenggong ERP project , said“ Thanks Oracle and CQYZJ for providing the most perfect scientific management tools for lean manufacturing and lean operation of CHENGGONG. All CHENGGONG business activities are completely recorded by ERP, which establishes a full , true and accurate financial statement. Based on the data analysis, and improvement measures would be proposed. All the above action help the sustainable and healthy operation.


Mr.Chen Wu, CHENGGON's business minister, said that the company would work with all parties to create a perfect and efficient ERP system


Mr.Ye Tian Lu, general manager of Oracle China, said “ based on the following three points and my past experience, this cooperation will be very successful. First, we can see that Chenggong management headed by chairman Mr.Zhu Wen Biao focuses on this project. Second, CHENGGONG chooses the right software solution. Oracle's cloud solution is not just a software but a lasting service, which is constantly updated with the progress of technology.  CHENGGONG uses the latest ERP system .Third, as the first heavy industry customer in China western region, Oracle is concerned about this project, and will appoint ERP consultants over 20 years' experience to this project. With the strong support of CHENGGONG, the excellent implementation of QCYZJ and our Oracle solutions, technologies and consultants, the three parties will work together to bring higher quality products and services, and finally help Chenggong achieve its development goals.”


Mr.Ye Tian Lu, general manager of Oracle's central district, determined to make the project as a benchmark for China western heavy industry


Mr, Zhu Wen Biao, chairman of CHENGGONG, said“ This ERP is the core tool to realize enterprise informatization and digitization.Although I could lead Chenggong into the most standardized company, we still need excellent management system, which are provided by Oracle and implemented by CQYZJ ERP system. ERP is a difficult and long-term work, requires our employees to be honest, diligent, learning attitude, positive, quick, no excuse and put into all their energy into this system construction. Oracle, as the leader in cloud computing, please inject the best technology and ideas into Chenggong new system for achieving a good result .”


Mr. Zhu Wen Biao made a speech in front of EPR team.



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