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Attachments activity-Pan Zhi Hua city ( 1 )

From:Admin   Time:2019-11-30

Pan Zhi Hua city, Thursday, November 28, 2019

The team of Chenggong multifunctional attachments arrived at the road show site 10 kilometers away from the urban area of Pan Zhi Hua city. Today' test customer is Yonghua Building Materials.


There is no enough space for long-distance truck at the customer site. The staffs can only get off at 2 kilometers from the testing site and drive wheel loader CG930k into the site. 


The road to the test site is being re-constructed and can only be accessed in one direction.


At 10 am, the equipments successfully arrive.


Yonghua Building Material is a commercial concrete station, which has high environmental protection requirements during production. It is necessary to clean the leakage of mixing materials in time to keep the inside and outside of the factory clean. The previous operation methods are completed by manual cleaning. The labor cost is high, and the time and cleaning effect cannot be controlled. Chenggong SW2600 sweeper could clean the roads efficiently in a high standard.



Mr. Liao, the head of Yonghua Building Materials Equipment, and other colleagues in the equipment department learn Chenggong sweeper's various functions and technical features, which are introduced by Luo Quanquan, sweeper project engineer.



10:30, demonstration



The cleaning effect and efficiency have been affirmed by General Manager Zeng, Vice President Liao and other equipment personnel of Yonghua Building Materials.  They witness the 2400 square meter site is cleaned in just 15 minutes.

In the afternoon, the test site is transferred to the main road for building materials and slag in Xin Jiu Xiang. This road has been plagued by slag leakage. The surrounding residents and drivers passing this road have been complaining about road conditions. Beginning at 14:00 in the afternoon, Zhang Jiu, deputy head of Xin Jiu Xiang, deputy general manager of Dongfang Haoyuan Company, and Zhang Yongming inspected the work of the sweeper on site and all of them feel satisfied with the cleaning results.



The leader of Xin Jiu Xiang, Vice President Zhang of Dongfang Haoyuan Company and Chenggong staff celebrated the first day for the end of activity in Pan Zhi Hua city.

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