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Multi-function attachments roadshow

From:Admin   Time:2019-11-30

On November 26, Chenggong's multifunctional equipment roadshow was launched. The 15-day event will be held in Pan Zhi Hua City, Ge Jiu City, Yunnan Province and Mile City, Yunnan Province. The CG930K wheel loader, developed by Chenggong, is equipped with MB1200 mixer bucket, BA60 digging device, SW2600 cleaner, quick change bucket and so on. This event is a live demonstration at the customer's work site, so that customers can experience the "faster, better, and less cost" and high quality of different tools.

Roadshow   ( A -- Pan Zhi Hua city, B -- Ge Jiu city, C -- Mi Le city, D -- Cheng Du city


Mr. Zhu Wen Biao,Chairman of Chenggong,  said at the launching ceremony: "Chenggong is the first Chinese construction machinery manufacturer to develop and manufacture attachments based on European and American standards. Multifunctional attachments featuring high-performance could be called the trend of the times for construction machinery industry development. Chenggong brand wheel loader is an ideal platform for loading dozens of attachments. Chenggong's technical team draws on the advanced experience of developed countries in Europe and the United States to fully integrate humanization and environmental adaptability into the attachments and the whole machine platform. There are currently 10 types of attachments, and I hope to eventually reach more than 100 types. In the future, the research and development of products, attachments is a key point. We will make breakthroughs in municipal construction, environmental improvement, modernization of agriculture and animal husbandry to fill the growing labor gap in our country. "" Attachments have huge market potential! This experience activity is a test for the development of attachment products in the past year, and I wish everyone success! "

Mr. Zhu Wen Biao and Chenggong roadshow staffs


This event was led by Wen Jian, Minister of Chenggong Marketing Department. Project team engineer Luo Quan Quan and distributor Dingchuang Machinery in Pan Zhi Hua city and Runxiang Machinery in Ge Jiu city, co-ordinated the project. Chenggong's attachments will play a role in the fields of concrete mixing stations, resource recovery, metal smelting, and mining.


Truck leaving Chenggong factory




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