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CG970K delivered to Hunan Hengyang customers

From:Admin   Time:2019-05-29

On May 7, Lijiang Town, Hengnan County, Hengyang City, Hunan Province, was raining,but this rain did not stop those mining business boss's interest and enthusiasm for the new 7-ton loader. After two years of test work, CG970K loader  was delivered to Yuefeng concrete batching plant. Such new model attracted the visitors from surrounding sand and gravel business.Its after service was provided by Hunan Junyi, Chenggong distributor in Hunan province. 


CG970K delivery ceremony in Yuefeng concrete batching plant.

Visitors from surrounding sand and gravel mines came to the site to try this new wheel loader model.


CG970K was a heavy-duty wheel loader that China Chenggong Heavy Industry upgraded and manufactured on the basis of the original 7-ton model. In the process of comprehensive upgrade of this product, Chenggong also invited customers to participate in design, and collected more than 10 practical and valuable opinions on the dump height, bucket type and reversing image installation position proposed by the target customer. Technical department conducted a serious demonstration and applied a feasible opinion plan to the product. The CG970K could be called as a market-originated product .


Mr. Wang, General manager of Yuefeng concrete batching plant, introduced CG970K to his partners


Potential customer learned more about the performance of the CG970K


Those visitors showed great interest in CG970K. Potential customers were eager to try test-drive and consult this wheel loader performance characteristics, configuration, price and other information. Final client Mr. Liu from Hengyang City comes to the site with a team of equipment consultants and loader drivers. After evaluating this wheel loader, the equipment consultant fully recognized CG970K quality, performance and practicality, endorsing the international standards for Chenggong. After test drive, driver was very satisfied with the high-end, comfortable and easy driving environment of CG970K. Under the collection of these opinions, Mr. Liu immediately ordered one. It marked the second CG970K loader in Hunan province, which would serve Hengyang city customers and help regional construction.


Local drivers learning the operation method with the instruction of Chenggong road-show operators




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